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To help your team understand the principles of Search Engine Optimisation for Google, I offer a :

 I have a great deal of experience outlining the principles of building Google-friendly web sites in a friendly and digestible form, to junior, senior, marketing, technical and executive personnel. In response to demand from my clients I have produced an introductory Google SEO Training workshop programme. It is designed for teams of up to ten people, and covers the fundamentals for preparation and management of web sites so that they are inherently Google-friendly and so that a team understands the importance of managing a site on Google's principles of content organisation and optimisation. I tailor each workshop to the specific needs and marketplace of my client's organisation.

Google Training guideline pricing : Preparation plus a 4 hour workshop = 1200

Sample Google SEO Training Agenda

The training session is structured to cover the three main areas of SEO for Google :

Content, Visibility and Reputation.

Content - 2 hours

1 - Search expressions

     - Where they come from ?
     - Task orientation of the user - Browse vs. Search
     - The long tail
     - Tracking searching behaviour analysis of web stats
     - Researching expressions
     - Analyse searching behaviour
     - Generics vs. brands

2 - Copywriting

     - Keyword density
     - Analysing SEO content
     - Grammar
     - Chunking & repetition
     - Web user behaviour skim-reading suits SEO
     - Anchor text
     - Frequency of change

3 - Content initiatives

     - Relevance
     - Extent
     - Generation

4 - Management

     - Policies
     - Copywriting
     - Supervision
     - Ownership/evangelism

Visibility - 1 hour

1 - HTML basics

     - Semantic organisation
     - Markup and DIVs in HTML
     - Efficiency of code

2 - Meta data

     - Title & Description tags
     - Keywords
     - Robot tags
     - Robots.txt
     - Meta tags

3 - Robot access

     - Database entries
     - SiteMaps
     - Google SiteMaps vs. a good site map
     - Controlled content

Reputation - 1 hour

1 - Inbound Links

     - Why are they important ?
     - How do you get them ?
     - Being interesting
     - Being useful
     - Being influential
     - Asking for them
     - Anchor text

2 - Linking strategies

     - Who will link ?
     - Make it easy
     - Page templates
     - HTML
     - Link generation initiatives
     - Interesting, useful, influential, requests

Total Google Training Workshop elapsed time - approximately 4 hours

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